Saturday, January 31, 2009


A good friend brought to my attention the fact that many people define cougars as older women who ONLY date much, much younger men. I was unaware of this singular, narrow vision. So, I looked up the definition of women cougars - and there are several.....

Some assert that cougars ONLY date younger men; some say they USUALLY date younger men; some claim that they PREFER younger men; some assert that they are women who prefer to hunt rather than be hunted, get their prey and move on to the next victim; some concur with this last one and add that cougars don't play the games that twenty year old women play. Some of the above state that cougars are 35 and up, some say between 30's and 40's, some specify 40's and 50's.
Outside of the 'no game playing' comment, I consider nearly all of these definitions (sans the age references) to be derogatory -which was the point of my entry.

Thanks, TS, for your input. I was unaware that some people saw cougars only as you defined them. The more I know, the better. It's good to be kept on my toes. I hope you will post comments on this site in the future. It will be great to get a dialogue going with whomever else might choose to contribute.

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  1. Hmmm, looks like the claws have come out. Can't wait for some good old cat fighting. :)

    I always thought that a cougar was a mature woman who was very sure of herself and went after what she wanted - being it a young man or not. I think people need to be more open to various interpretaions and become comfortable with the idea of re-claiming and re-defining terms. It's a sign of empowerment.